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Gathering to Build in Williamsburg is a success!

Graf artists, DJ's, rappers, break dancers, literati, pundits, and just plain folks gathered in an alley in Williamsburg for a collective outpouring of expression about the recent tragedy at the WTC.

The Ghetto Goverment performed their recently released song, UNITED which reflected the general mood of the day.

Graf artists started early in the day, covering the entire wall of the alley, a block long, with various murals. Work continued late into the night and the next day.

DJ's spun various styles of music (Funk, Soul, Reggae, Triphop, True School Positive Hiphop, Jungle (the funky and the Ragga ish), Rock, Rare Groove, Neo-Soul ish, David Bowie, Prince, Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix) and a few MC's got on the mic.

Ghetto Gov's performance of United was definitely a highlight of the afternoon.

A TV crew from Japan gave the event a global vibe.

click here for a photo album of the event

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