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Who are the Bowery soldiers and where do they stand?
Artists Nitty
nitty photo Harlem's 8th Avenue is nothing but a starting point for Nitty. For almost a decade he has been honing and perfecting his blend of rhyme and song in hopes of bringing it to the hip-hop nation...
Artists Walah
artist photo You can't put Walah in a box. The Bronx native just isn't having it. "I take it to different textures of the rap game," he says about his designated purpose with the music...
Artists Crane
artist photo If you're in Philly, you already know. Crane is not just another kid huggin' the block, he's the kid waitin' the blow the dome off the city, state, and country.
Artists Ghetto Government
artist photo The brainchild of Nitty - Ghetto Goverment. But like any child that grows, and learns and changes, so the GG has with every new member. It's become bigger and better than even it's chief architect could have imagined.
Artists D'Machete
artist photo Just over 20 years old, D'Machete takes her gifts of song and rhyme very seriously. Inspired by everything from Rah Digga and Lil' Kim to 60's R&B, the Haitian born, Brooklyn bred Singer/MC knows that most of her contemporaries aren't doing hip hop for the love...
Artists O-Negative
artist photo O-Negative is his blood type. O is the first letter in his birth name. Negative is all he's seen since he was a child growing up in the North East Bronx's Edenwald Housing Projects...
Artists Kelli Sae
artist photo To hear Kelli Sae sing is more than just an experience. It's one woman's quest to return the missing component to today's generic R&B and Latin music scene: soul.
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