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Bowery takes Shinjuku by storm!

Shunjuku, Tokyo, Japan -- Bowery's whirlwind promotional expedition of Tokyo lands in Shinjuku!

Marc Lindahl, President of was recently in Tokyo laying the promotional groundwork for

"It's amazing - these kids are so into hip-hop! When I walk through Shabuya, it could be the South Bronx, only with a lighter skin tone!" says the President. "I mean, I'm not saying it's ghetto, just ghetto fabulous, know what I'm sayin'? It's definitely got flavor."

Yes, hip-hop is everywhere in Tokyo, it's off the hizzy!

pic of taku and marc

Marc slid through the Fubu shop in Shinjuku and found some serious hip hop heads chillin in there! Here he his with his man Taku, taking a promotional moment! Shout outs to Taku! Keep the faith, brotha!

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