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UNITED Announcement


September 27, 2001


The web-based record label,, has been busy preparing to launch with the introduction of the Ghetto Government. In the middle of it all, the twin towers came down. Screams of dispair, and then revenge came from all quarters. Mixed with the love is too much hate, directed towards still more innocent people, especially of Islam. So the double-G’s have decided to pre-release their single early, to radio stations in the city, so that the song "UNITED" can be heard as soon as possible.

As Nitty, rapper and president of the GG puts it, "this song represents Ghetto Government to the fullest. We are all products of the streets. Our goal is to unite the globe, starting with hip-hop. This song expresses not just what hip-hop needs, but what the entire world needs. This is the time to come together as a nation and really help one and other."

Adds producer Marc Lindahl, "this song expresses our hope and vision for a united hip-hop community, city, and world. We really hope to squash the intolerance that’s been sparked recently and influence people in a positive way…" and Nitty adds, "because United is the only way."

The GG plans to donate proceeds from the sale of the single (once it comes out) to a WTC disaster relief fund.

So please play and listen to this song, in the name of Unity!

Download available here.


Ghetto Government (Tobasco, Walah, O-Negative, Crane, Dras, Nitty, Marc)

Contact: Marc Lindahl

More information is available at

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