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United single

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GHETTO GOVERNMENT's first single - featuring the songs United, South Boy, and Walk Hard, both radio-ready and explicit versions, plus two other BONUS snippets from the upcoming album. CD also features the QUICKTIME VIDEO of the single United, plus pic's and info on the group - Mac and PC compatible (requires Quicktime 5)

The album will be available initially on bowery.coms website store. The company is currently seeking wider distribution.

Album Information

Title:	United
Artist: Ghetto Government
Producer: Marc Lindahl, Frank Nitty
Copyright: (C)(P)2001 BOWERY.COM
UPC/EAN Code: 0806290200027

Title Length

1 United (mastered by Calbi) 05:07:74
2 South Boy radio mix 04:01:44
3 Walk Hard radio 03:28:18
4 South Boy 04:04:12
5 Walk Hard 03:33:13
6 Been There snippet 01:47:17
7 we won't stop snippet 01:17:28


Written and Produced by Ghetto Government
Copyright (C)2004
Executive Producer: Marc Lindahl
Contact for publishing information


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