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Crane signs with

New York -- Today the shining light of the Philly rap scene, a young man called the **Crane**, has hitched his rising star to that of

Quiet and soft spoken in person, Crane is known from Philly up to Harlem and the Bronx for spitting fire as well as truth on the mic. "Crane is one of those guys that you ask, why isn't this kid on already?" Says Marc Lindahl, president of, "we just did what anybody with any sense would do - sign him immediately! Once you hear Crane's flow, and listen to the stuff he's talking about, you're hooked."

"I feel Lindahl is really putting something together here, and I want to be a part of it," says Crane of his signing, "with the Ghetto Gov camp, me, Nitty, Walah, and everyone, we're coming out with the hot s**t."

pic of crane and lindahl

Crane and Lindahl with a contract and more importantly a handshake!

Crane's first project is the Ghetto Government, along with Nitty, Walah, and other rappers. Look for it on, and look for much more from the Crane!

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