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Bowery DJ Vinyl Pay Pal Item 2004-04-15 10:23:50 BOWERY.COM's first single - featuring three banging tracks featuring premier lyricists D'Machete, Nitty, Walah, Thundah God and Pro spittin' like you've never heard before! This is a website exclusive -- available here only! Album Information single#1 6 Tracks 25:10:45Title: The Flaming RoachComment: tracks 1-3 side A (radio), tracks 4-6 side B (for the clubs)UPC/EAN Code: 0806290100013 Start at Title Length1 00:02:00 set this off - radio 03:42:04 2 03:46:04 The Street radio edited 04:48:53 3 08:36:57 We Won't Stop - radio 03:40:204 12:19:02 set this off - mix 03:45:485 16:06:50 The Street - mix 05:15:19 6 21:23:69 We Won't Stop - mix 03:46:51 Credits Artist: Pro, Walah, D'Machete, Thundah, NittyProducer: Marc Lindahl, DJ Daze, Jermaine AmezquitaCopyright: (C)2001 bowery.comContact for publishing information
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