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Bowery Documentary (quicktime) File 2004-04-06 19:00:49 Documentary about the early days of Quicktime format.
Bowery DJ Vinyl Pay Pal Item 2004-04-15 10:23:50 BOWERY.COM's first single - featuring three banging tracks featuring premier lyricists D'Machete, Nitty, Walah, Thundah God and Pro spittin' like you've never heard before! This is a website exclusive -- available here only! Album Information single#1 6 Tracks 25:10:45Title: The Flaming RoachComment: tracks 1-3 side A (radio), tracks 4-6 side B (for the clubs)UPC/EAN Code: 0806290100013 Start at Title Length1 00:02:00 set this off - radio 03:42:04 2 03:46:04 The Street radio edited 04:48:53 3 08:36:57 We Won't Stop - radio 03:40:204 12:19:02 set this off - mix 03:45:485 16:06:50 The Street - mix 05:15:19 6 21:23:69 We Won't Stop - mix 03:46:51 Credits Artist: Pro, Walah, D'Machete, Thundah, NittyProducer: Marc Lindahl, DJ Daze, Jermaine AmezquitaCopyright: (C)2001 bowery.comContact for publishing information
Bronx Invasion show flyer Portal Image 2001-07-22 13:17:15
D'Machete signs with News Item 2004-04-06 19:25:21 New York, NY, Nov 16, 2001 -- today signed the hottest up and coming young Brooklyn rapper, D'Machete.
D'Machete signs with Portal Image 2001-12-11 18:23:56 the historic occasion!
Get ready for D'Machete! ContentPanels 2004-03-26 01:36:56 Just over 20 years old, D'Machete takes her gifts of song and rhyme very seriously. Inspired by everything from Rah Digga and Lil' Kim to 60's R&B, the Haitian born, Brooklyn bred Singer/MC knows that most of her contemporaries aren't doing hip hop for the love. "You can't say what you feel anymore," she says. "Too many people just want to become MCs for the money. But it's all about the love from where she's standing. Bear witness to her performance on "The Street," and you too will be a believer.
DMachete Photo Album 2004-03-25 00:06:18 DMachete Photo Album


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