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Supreme's Greatest Hits

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SUPREME is "on the Real". He's genuine. He kicks lyrics from the heart, from his own experience and observations. His style is rhythmic and explosive, like Mike Tyson's jabs. Even on the smooth tip, he's never fronting, never faking, always cutting through with something of substance to say, always connecting with his audience. Born in the Bronx, NY., Supreme has grown up in Hip Hop. The flavor is in him. Early on in his life, he was 'bitten by that bug' to perform by hearing MC Shan, The Juice Crew, and Marley Marl. These were his early influences. But he quickly developed his own personal style. SUPREME has performed at venues such as the Apollo, Lyricist's Lounge, and When Worlds Collide, as well as plenty of house parties, the true birthplace of rap. He has worked with the likes of Slick Rick and Doc Rodregues, and is now back with one of his first producer/composers, Jason Kibler (DJ Logic), along with Jason's partner Marc Lindahl. Get a taste of this true pioneer.

Album Information

Album Name:	Lord Supreme's greatest hits
Number of Tracks: 10

1 Critical Lifestyle
2 Visit To Hell
3 Tear It Down
4 interlude
5 Seven Blows of the Dragon
6 Growing Pains of the Ghetto
7 Supreme Court
8 Swingin' in the Ghetto Blues
9 NGA to the NYC (bonus track)
10 the World Goes Roun' (bonus track)


(C)(P)2001 Supreme &
tracks 9 & 10 (C)(P) OGW Entertainment
All rights reserved
Executive Producer: Marc Lindahl
Contact for publishing information


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