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You can help us keep this site running with a small donation. Even $1 will help. Of course, $100 will help more, and with $1million, we can really get things done!! officially launches!

A NEW HOME FOR HIP-HOP MUSIC Plans to Infest New York’s Hip-Hop Underground

New York — Oct. 31st, 2001 — a new hip-hop website and independent record label located in Money Making Manhattan, plans to launch it’s web-based record label featuring Hip Hop and R&B music.

The web-site will be completely interactive and will provide a refreshing experience for artists and fans alike. "Our mission is to give visibility & support to independent artists by offering alternative methods to traditional major labels", says Marc Lindahl, President and Executive Producer. and it’s artists aims to build a devoted following and will establish an online presence transforming Hip-Hop followers into online communities.

It will feature artist homepages, music downloads, hip-hop merchandise and discussion forums. The site will also provide opportunities for unsigned artists to be heard and signed to

First out of the Bowery is the Ghetto Government, with three hot singles, "United", featuring: Tobasco, walah, o-negative, crane, dras, & nitty, "South Boy", featuring: WahlaH, "Walk Hard", featuring NITTY, CRANE, & WALAH. The creative team who masterminded the tracks of head nodding beats, ill lyrics and fly melodies go by the name of PHAM Productions (Phat Hooks And Melodies). Naturally, tons of information on all the artists and the Ghetto Government is available now on the site,

The first full album will feature a sound that is sure to appeal to heads from both East and West Coasts. With a power packed compilation and ground-breaking website, is sure to be on top of the game! Look for this and other upcoming artists on the web site, looks to become one of the country’s hottest independent Hip Hop and R&B labels, and a central meeting place for underground hiphop.



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