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Dealing with the streets - Nitty File 2004-04-12 19:26:46 Nitty blows up a loft party LIVE
United Audio 2004-07-11 22:28:34 Ghetto Government Single#2 (UPC-A 80629020008) Copyright (c)(P)2001
Bilal freestyle nitty #2 Audio 2004-04-06 18:50:56 NItty of GG Copyright (c)(P)2001
Interview with Nitty of the Ghetto Government Audio 2004-04-06 19:15:15 Audio interview with Nitty from the Ghetto Government, with music snippets. SUITABLE FOR RADIO.
Breathe EZ freestyle Audio 2004-04-06 18:59:02 Tabasco, Dras, & NItty of GG Copyright (c)(P)2001
Bowery Documentary (quicktime) File 2004-04-06 19:00:49 Documentary about the early days of Quicktime format.
Bowery DJ Vinyl Pay Pal Item 2004-04-15 10:23:50 BOWERY.COM's first single - featuring three banging tracks featuring premier lyricists D'Machete, Nitty, Walah, Thundah God and Pro spittin' like you've never heard before! This is a website exclusive -- available here only! Album Information single#1 6 Tracks 25:10:45Title: The Flaming RoachComment: tracks 1-3 side A (radio), tracks 4-6 side B (for the clubs)UPC/EAN Code: 0806290100013 Start at Title Length1 00:02:00 set this off - radio 03:42:04 2 03:46:04 The Street radio edited 04:48:53 3 08:36:57 We Won't Stop - radio 03:40:204 12:19:02 set this off - mix 03:45:485 16:06:50 The Street - mix 05:15:19 6 21:23:69 We Won't Stop - mix 03:46:51 Credits Artist: Pro, Walah, D'Machete, Thundah, NittyProducer: Marc Lindahl, DJ Daze, Jermaine AmezquitaCopyright: (C)2001 bowery.comContact for publishing information
Bananas! Photo Album 2004-03-25 12:12:35 Photos from the Bananas photo shoot, plus live show photos
Gutta Mixes Vol.1 Pay Pal Item 2004-04-15 10:22:20 Frank Nitty, President of the Ghetto Government, has hit the streets to find the hottest joints out there, the fire.  He has gone to Harlem, to the Bronx, to Staten Island, to Brooklyn, to Queens, even Jersey, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Philly to find the truth.  Here it is!  Can you handle the truth??  You deserve to cop this now! Album Information Document Name: Ghetto Gov Gutta mixes vol.1Copyright (P)2003 Ghetto GovernmentNumber of Tracks: 30Disc Duration: 45:51:49UPC/EAN Code: 0806290100426ISRC Code: US-BC9-02-01004Track Name Length1 Gutta mixes intro 00:08:642 isaacs music hut 00:10:673 Da Gutta 02:40:224 DJ spaz-o 00:11:055 Step It Up 01:44:726 never worry 03:16:057 watch out 00:13:448 Why 02:20:259 money mills 00:23:6510 we dont't give a 03:54:6711 Where I'm At 01:52:1712 for harlem 00:16:1413 New York City 02:58:6014 D.I. 00:12:2315 Broke Nigga 02:27:6616 Goldy Gold 00:09:4517 B.A.G. 00:12:0018 Thug Life 01:57:6219 freestyle Nitty 01:45:7120 wooz arguing 00:21:7121 You Gonna Love We 03:59:7222 sheis 00:18:4923 freestyle 05:13:3124 woozy wooz 00:08:3725 Can't Handle Dick 01:37:4726 S&M records 00:10:5627 Holiday Inn 04:02:4228 joey crack 00:15:3129 I cry 02:34:7330 arty clay 00:07:22 Credits Written and Produced by Ghetto GovernmentCopyright (C)2003Executive Producer: Frank NittyContact for publishing information
Operation Take Over Pay Pal Item 2004-04-15 10:22:31 Ghetto Government's debut album! Ghetto Government is a new group comprised of seven members, Nitty, Walah, Crane, O-Negative, Tabasco, Dras, and Steelz. Hailing from New York, the new group brings a unique view of life and the future to the art of hiphop. "Nitty has put together an incredible group around the concept of Ghetto Government," says Marc Lindahl, executive producer and president of "He has a deep philosophy about who really runs the Ghetto - from the City, State, and Fed, to the Gangs, Thugs, crooked cops, abusive store owners; there are a lot of rules and laws to follow, and the average resident does not control his own destiny." "This album is a concept album," states Nitty, the president of the Ghetto Gov. "It's designed to transport you from wherever you're at: angry, young, and black, or just partying and not thinking about your future, and deliver you with an idea of the reality of your situation, but with hope and unity for the future." The album will be available initially on bowery.coms website store. The company is currently seeking wider distribution. Album Information Album Name: Operation Take Over Number of Tracks: 33 Disc Duration: 66:25:58 UPC/EAN Code: 0806290100228 ISRC Code: US-BC9-03-01002 # Name Length 1 intro 00:37:30 2 call in 00:21:34 3 Ghetto Government 04:06:65 4 smack the shit out ya 00:16:18 5 Back Up 03:48:28 6 dj spazo 00:09:07 7 POH 4 Life 05:04:53 8 oh my god we love GG 00:05:21 9 Been There 04:19:34 10 One Life 04:12:35 11 i don't care what you do 00:31:29 12 Walk Hard 03:24:39 13 mike g 00:05:37 14 true mask 00:14:43 15 South Boy 04:00:18 16 traffic stop gone bad 01:39:21 17 We Don't Give A 03:54:41 18 it ain't over 00:11:39 19 our hood 00:07:39 20 Young Un 03:40:23 21 the whole purpose is to build 00:21:74 22 United 05:07:49 23 time to come up 00:11:65 24 All Of My People 03:55:65 25 uh oh! that was that yit 00:15:66 26 smoked out 00:07:73 27 Take A Ride 04:19:07 28 seven zero shout outs to GG 00:20:07 29 we almost outa here 00:20:26 30 Holla Back 03:35:37 31 nitty got the blues 01:25:28 32 Ghetto Blues 04:53:67 33 this game about money 00:37:31 Credits Written and Produced by Ghetto GovernmentCopyright (C)2004Executive Producer: Marc LindahlContact for publishing information
Portal Image 2001-10-09 00:50:14 Crane, Dras, O-Negative, Marc, Nitty, Walah
Bronx Invasion show flyer Portal Image 2001-07-22 13:17:15
Nitty & Ghetto Government Invade the Bronx News Item 2004-04-12 15:28:57 New York, NY -- Nitty and the Ghetto Goverment are posed to Invade the Bronx! Thursday, July 26th they will be appearing **live** at B.A.M. Records & Production Company's "An Invasion of The Bronx" showdown rap, R&B showcase.
Nitty signs with bowery News Item 2004-04-06 19:29:59 New York -- **Nitty:** the name has been heard from the Bronx to VA and beyond. Now he's decided to join forces with
Nitty signs with Portal Image 2001-12-11 18:23:14 the historic occasion!
stats Document 2004-03-25 20:05:25 quick stats on Nitty
Walk Hard (radio mix) Audio 2004-04-12 19:26:47 Nitty, Walah, Crane of GG Ghetto Government Copyright (c)(P)2001
United video (windows media format) File 2004-04-06 19:16:13 Ghetto Government's United video (windows media format) produced and directed by Geoh
Bilal freestyle Audio 2004-04-06 18:24:11 Walah & Nitty of GG Copyright (c)(P)2001
United video (quicktime 56k) File 2004-04-12 19:29:01 Ghetto Government's United video produced and directed by Geoh


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