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Trump holds $10m fundraiser at his hotel  2017-06-29
Protesters greeted the president as he arrived at the $35,000 (£27,000) per person bash.
US woman shoots boyfriend in YouTube stunt  2017-06-28
A teenager killed her boyfriend as he held a thick book to his chest, believing it would stop the bullet.
Canuck the crow's attacks halt Vancouver mail delivery  2017-06-28
Canuck, who rose to infamy after crime-scene tampering, is now attacking postal workers.
US orders tougher airline screening  2017-06-28
The feared extension is not included in a raft of strict new screening rules on flights into the US.
Sarah Palin sues New York Times for defamation  2017-06-28
The lawsuit argues the newspaper editorial "maliciously" claimed Sarah Palin incited murder.
Trump optimistic about healthcare bill's fate  2017-06-28
The president says he thinks the Senate plan will "get over the line" and get the votes needed to pass.
Ten Commandments monument destroyed  2017-06-28
The granite slab was struck by a car less than 24 hours after it was unveiled.
FBI find car linked to kidnapped Chinese student Yingying Zhang  2017-06-28
The Astra that Yingying Zhang was seen entering on the day of her disappearance has been recovered.
Fast & Furious shows 'no love' to women  2017-06-28
Michelle Rodriguez marks the digital release of The Fate Of The Furious with an Instagram post suggesting she wants to quit.
Barack Obama and family enjoy Indonesia holiday  2017-06-28
Former US president's visit receives saturation coverage in Indonesia, where he lived as a child.
Trump to attend Bastille Day celebrations in France  2017-06-28
Mr Trump will again meet Emmanuel Macron, who accused him of a "not innocent" handshake last month.
Bernie Sanders slams 'pathetic' fraud claim against his wife  2017-06-28
The Vermont senator says claims his wife lied in a loan application are politically motivated.
Irish reporter's 'bizarre' Trump moment  2017-06-28
Twitter debates when a compliment becomes creepy as President pauses Taoiseach phone call to speak to reporter.
US policeman in hot pursuit of own car  2017-06-27
A police officer in Ohio had to chase his own patrol car after it began rolling away during a traffic stop.
3D jewellery and AI  2017-06-28
Canadians have made their mark in every industry and will continue to do so in years to come.