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Pensacola attack is presumed terrorism - FBI  2019-12-09
US officials say they are trying to determine if the Saudi gunman was working alone or with a group.
Juice Wrld: US rapper dies aged 21 'after seizure at airport'  2019-12-08
The rapper best known for viral hit Lucid Dreams reportedly suffered a seizure at a Chicago airport.
White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren paid $1.9m for past legal work  2019-12-09
Under pressure, the US Democratic hopeful says she earned the sum from legal work over decades.
Art Basel: Maurizio Cattelan's $120,000 banana eaten by artist  2019-12-08
The artwork, titled Comedian, consisted of a banana duct-taped to a wall.
Trump impeachment: White House signals it will not attend hearings  2019-12-06
The administration describes the process as a "charade" in a letter to the House judiciary committee.
Caroll Spinney: Sesame Street's Big Bird puppeteer dies  2019-12-08
US puppeteer Caroll Spinney has died after a long career as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.
American's 'perfect' whisky collection up for sale  2019-12-09
Nearly 4,000 bottles of rare whisky owned by a US businessman will go on sale in an online auction next year.
US and Iranian men released in prisoner swap  2019-12-07
Xiyue Wang was jailed in Iran in 2016 while Massoud Soleimani was arrested at a US airport last year.
Trump impeachment: House Democrats make constitutional case  2019-12-08
Democrats lay out their constitutional grounds for impeachment as the process gathers pace.
Elon Musk wins defamation case over 'pedo guy' tweet about caver  2019-12-06
Tesla's founder did not defame a UK caver who helped in the Thai cave rescue, a US jury finds.
Friends actor Ron Leibman dies at the age of 82  2019-12-07
The award-winning actor, best known for playing Rachel's dad in Friends, had a decorated career.
PG&E: California power firm to pay $13.5bn to wildfire victims  2019-12-07
Utility giant PG&E reaches a settlement over several fires tied to the firm's equipment.
Boy, 5, invites entire class to watch his adoption  2019-12-06
"Family doesn't have to be DNA, because family is support and love," his teacher tells the class.
Trump impeachment inquiry: The case for and against  2019-12-04
Experts are debating what the Constitution says about impeachment, in light of the inquiry into President Trump.
'English Only': The movement to limit Spanish speaking in US  2019-12-03
Attempts persist to make English the official language of the US. But what real power does it have?
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