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Joe Biden: Democratic presidential frontrunner denies one-term pledge  2019-12-12
US media had reported that Mr Biden, 77, suggested to his aides he would only serve a single term.
New Jersey killers 'targeted Jewish supermarket'  2019-12-11
At least six people died, including two assailants who parked up before firing on the kosher outlet.
‘How texts to my dead brother brought us together’  2019-12-11
A Minneapolis woman started messaging her brother's old phone but she didn't expect what happened next.
Thanos creator labels Donald Trump a 'pompous fool' after Avengers tweet  2019-12-11
The US president's campaign team put Trump's head onto the Marvel supervillain's body.
Mississippi mum and dad graduate on same day just before son  2019-12-11
Carl and Melody Johnson, who have seven kids, graduate from university on the same day.
Harvey Weinstein dodders out of court with walking frame  2019-12-11
A New York City judge increased the Hollywood's producer bail ahead of his sexual assault trial.
Boeing: US regulator admits 'mistake' over aircraft crashes  2019-12-11
Safety regulator allowed the aircraft to continue flying despite its own analysis flagging warnings.
OPINION: Evidence for impeachment thin  2019-12-10
The charges unveiled by Democrats suggest haste being put before justice, says legal expert Jonathan Turley.
WATCH: 'The president is not above the law'  2019-12-10
Democrat Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler announces the two articles of impeachment.
EXPLAINER: A beginner's guide to impeachment  2019-11-14
Three BBC reporters break down the key points as the impeachment inquiry goes public.
THE DEBATE: Legal case for and against impeachment  2019-12-04
Experts are debating what the Constitution says about impeachment, in light of the inquiry into President Trump.
E-scooter company Unicorn goes bust after spending big on Facebook ads  2019-12-09
The Texas-based company reportedly sold just 350 of its $699 commuter scooters.
Full university scholarships offered to video gamers in Pennsylvania  2019-12-12
The new game on US university campuses is behind computer screens as esports gets major investment.
Why this cattle farmer moves his cows every day  2019-12-10
Methane emissions from cattle contribute to climate change - but Will Harris says he has a solution.
Merriam-Webster: Non-binary pronoun 'they' is word of year  2019-12-10
The dictionary said searches for the non-binary pronoun on its website increased by 313% this year.
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