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Naya Rivera: Glee star likely drowned in tragic accident, police say  2020-07-10
Naya Rivera was reported missing after going on a boating trip with her four-year-old son.
US Supreme Court rules half of Oklahoma is Native American land  2020-07-10
The justices decide an eastern swathe of the state should be recognised as part of a reservation.
Blues singer Lady A responds to name row: 'I am not going to be erased'  2020-07-10
The blues singer is being sued over her name by the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum.
Biden challenges Trump with ‘Buy American’ economic plan  2020-07-10
The Democrat promises a jobs boom, savaging President Trump's record on the economy and Covid-19.
Trump taxes: Supreme Court says New York prosecutors can see records  2020-07-09
However, the court rules that this information does not have to be shared with Congress.
Robert Fuller: Hanging death of black man ruled suicide  2020-07-10
Robert Fuller's death sparked suspicion but investigators say he had history of mental illness.
What are the questions for Ghislaine Maxwell?  2020-07-10
The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein's former girlfriend has reignited interest in her and her alleged role in Epstein's abuse of minors.
US sprinter's 'world record' ruled 15m short  2020-07-09
Noah Lyles briefly appeared to have set an astonishing new 200m world record - beating Usain Bolt's best by 0.29 seconds - before it was revealed he had run 15m short.
Pop Smoke: Five arrested in connection to rapper's death  2020-07-10
The rapper, whose debut album was released this month, was killed in a suspected robbery in February.
Hushpuppi's lawyer says FBI 'kidnapped' Nigerian Instagrammer from Dubai  2020-07-10
"Hushpuppi", who posts about his extravagant lifestyle, is accused of multimillion-dollar fraud.
Michael Cohen, Trump's ex-lawyer, ordered back to jail  2020-07-09
He had been released from prison to home confinement over coronavirus concerns.
Teachers express concern about US schools reopening  2020-07-09
President Trump's press secretary said it was safe to reopen and that "the child will always come first".
George Floyd: Pew survey on US attitudes to police reveals changes  2020-07-09
Support for officers has declined slightly, but most oppose cuts to police funding, a survey finds.
Black Lives Matter: From social media post to global movement  2020-07-09
Black Lives Matter has sparked a hashtag, grass-roots organisations, and a collective of activists.
US student visas: 'A lot of people I know are scared for the future'  2020-07-09
The US said some visas could be revoked because of coronavirus, leaving students confused and uncertain.
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