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Jamal Khashoggi: Mike Pompeo to visit Saudi Arabia  2018-10-16
Turkish investigators have now left the Istanbul consulate where the Saudi journalist was last seen.
Paul Allen: Microsoft co-founder and billionaire dies aged 65  2018-10-16
The billionaire businessman, who also owned the Seattle Seahawks NFL team, died in Seattle on Monday.
Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' defamation case against Trump  2018-10-16
The adult film star, who is pursuing a second case against Donald Trump, plans to make an appeal.
Elizabeth Warren reveals DNA test  2018-10-15
Elizabeth Warren reveals "strong evidence" she has Native American blood after jibes from Donald Trump.
More Than Me CEO temporarily resigns amid Liberia rape scandal  2018-10-15
A Liberian panel is reviewing a report that found the charity failed to protect girls from a predator.
Affirmative action: Harvard racial admissions trial begins  2018-10-15
Numbers of Asian students were kept artificially low to promote campus diversity, a lawsuit claims.
US retail giant Sears files for bankruptcy  2018-10-15
The American retail giant has been struggling with huge debts and a shift to shopping online.
Hurricane Michael: Dozens still missing on Florida coast  2018-10-15
The death toll from Hurricane Michael is due to rise as teams search ruined homes in coastal areas.
US gymnast questions Bono appointment  2018-10-16
Olympic champion Aly Raisman questions USA Gymnastics' choice to lead their organisation, saying "survivors deserve better".
Mounir al-Motassadek: Germany releases 9/11 accomplice  2018-10-15
Mounir al-Motassadek is deported to Morocco after 15 years in prison for his part in 9/11.
Bryan Adams concert photograph shows off Delhi pollution  2018-10-15
The Canadian singer-songwriter shares an image of his "ghost" cast over an Indian concert crowd.
US embassy in Australia apologises for Cookie Monster cat email  2018-10-15
A "training error" caused a bogus meeting invitation to be distributed last week, officials say.
Buckethead the bear cub's head freed from jar after three days  2018-10-15
Rangers in Maryland help "Buckethead", three days after it is spotted with a plastic jar on its head.
Would you eat slaughter-free meat?  2018-10-15
There's a looming crisis over the world's appetite for meat. This chicken nugget may be the answer.
Was Bill Clinton's Lewinsky affair an 'abuse of power'?  2018-10-15
Some say Hillary Clinton's comments about her husband's affair are at odds with the #MeToo movement.