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US 2020: Postal service warns of delays in mail-in vote count  2020-08-15 00:53:39
The agency warns that millions of mail-in votes may not arrive on time to be counted by election day.
Mueller report: FBI lawyer 'altered email' to wiretap Trump aide  2020-08-14 22:35:40
The case will boost President Trump's view the special counsel's investigation was a "witch hunt".
US 2020: Biden campaign says Trump 'abhorrent' for fuelling Harris conspiracy  2020-08-14 14:56:31
The Biden campaign issues a scathing response after Mr Trump spreads false information about Kamala Harris.
Dolly Parton: 'Of course black lives matter!'  2020-08-14 20:05:56
The legendary country singer has been reticent to share her political beliefs in the past.
Rise in threats against Justin Trudeau, police warn  2020-08-13 23:41:39
The threats follow a number of security incidents targeting Canadian federal officials.
US seizes millions of dollars of Iranian fuel bound for Venezuela  2020-08-14 20:47:12
The US says it seized 1.1 million barrels of fuel from four tankers en route to Venezuela.
Department of Justice says Yale discriminates against whites and Asians  2020-08-14 00:16:33
The Ivy League university denied that its admissions process breached Supreme Court rulings.
US suspends private charter flights to Cuba  2020-08-13 21:55:12
It is the latest White House move to undo Barack Obama's thaw with communist-run Cuba.
'Firenado' rages through Angeles National Forest  2020-08-14 03:02:29
The brush fire north of Los Angeles is not contained. At least 100 structures were evacuated.
Coronavirus: Florida sheriff bans deputies from wearing masks  2020-08-14 05:50:18
The order also requires visitors to the sheriff's office to have their face uncovered.
US jobless claims below 1m for first time since March  2020-08-13 16:13:26
The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits falls to 963,000.
US calls for shower rules to be eased after Trump hair complaints  2020-08-13 06:38:55
The US calls for rules to be eased after Donald Trump complained of issues washing his hair.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say Trump has left US 'in tatters'  2020-08-13 08:37:55
Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris call President Donald Trump a "whining" incompetent leader.
US military helicopter struck by bullet over Virginia  2020-08-13 14:23:33
The FBI is investigating the shooting of the Air Force helicopter, which injured one crew member.
'We walked into a dangerous situation'  2020-08-13 23:13:04
Since the photo went viral, nine people from the school have tested positive and hundreds have been asked to self-isolate.