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Rod Blagojevich: Why did Trump just free a jailed Democrat?  2020-02-18
Even the president's fellow Republicans disavowed his move to show mercy to the infamous ex-governor.
Bloomberg to join Democratic debate amid poll surge  2020-02-18
The former New York mayor has qualified to take part in a Democratic debate for the first time.
Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy over sex abuse lawsuits  2020-02-18
The organisation says the move will allow it to build a compensation fund for sex abuse victims.
Boy Scouts of America: Why is it filing for bankruptcy?  2020-02-19
How the childhood organisation became 'the largest paedophile ring on Earth' according to a lawyer.
Australia firefighters thanked with Times Square billboard  2020-02-19
The Australian bushfire agency said it wanted to say thanks to helpers in "the biggest way possible".
Plymouth Rock: Mayflower monument covered in graffiti  2020-02-18
It was one of several monuments in Plymouth that was vandalised on Monday morning.
Harvey Weinstein trial: Judge warns defence as verdict nears  2020-02-18
The row over a Newsweek opinion piece comes as jurors hold a first day of deliberations in the trial.
Kehlani releases a break-up song three days after Valentine duet with YG  2020-02-18
Kehlani releases a new song revealing YG's alleged infidelity just days after declaring their love.
North Carolina Facebook page labelled fake news  2020-02-18
The North Carolina Breaking News page accumulated more than 50,000 followers in less than a month.
Tesla's Elon Musk swipes at Porsche-buying Bill Gates  2020-02-18
The Microsoft founder said in an interview that he liked Tesla but had chosen a Porsche as his first electric car.
Ring doorbell makes two-factor verification mandatory  2020-02-19
Amazon's video doorbell system has faced criticism for not having more robust security for users.
Nascar champion hurt in dramatic Daytona 500 crash  2020-02-18
Ryan Newman is in a "serious but not life threatening" condition in hospital after crashing on the last lap of the Daytona 500 in Florida.
Boy Scouts: A wholesome US institution poisoned by predators  2020-02-18
Behind the camp fire singalongs, lurked "the largest paedophile ring on earth", says a lawyer.
Crossing the border to go to school in the US  2020-02-17
Sixteen-year-old twins Ana Fernanda and Ana Luisa begin their journey from Mexico in the early hours.
Should organ donors be paid? The heavy toll of US kidney shortage  2020-02-18
Thousands of Americans die from kidney failure each year, but efforts to find organ donors remain contentious.
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