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Ginsburg Supreme Court: Trump to name nominee by week's end  2020-09-22
The president appears to have enough support in the US Senate to win approval for his nominee.
Trudeau Throne speech: Why this is a big moment for Canadian PM  2020-09-21
The Canadian PM says he will unveil an “ambitious” plan for Canada’s pandemic recovery.
Nascar: Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin form Cup Series team with Bubba Wallace as driver  2020-09-22
Basketball legend Michael Jordan and three-time Daytona 500 winner Denny Hamlin form a single-car Nascar Cup Series team, with Bubba Wallace as its driver.
Nasa releases plan for Moon return by 2024  2020-09-22
The US space agency (Nasa) formally outlines its $28bn plan to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024.
John Lennon killer says sorry for 'despicable act'  2020-09-22
Mark Chapman has apologised to the late Beatle's widow, Yoko Ono, for his murder in 1980.
NYPD officer charged with spying for China  2020-09-21
Baimadajie Angwang reported on activities of Chinese citizens in New York, according to court documents.
Woman arrested at US-Canada border for poison mailed to White House  2020-09-21
The unidentified woman was caught while attempting to cross the US-Canada border and is awaiting charges.
Ellen DeGeneres: Humbled host returns to TV with apology and admission  2020-09-21
The TV host opens the new series of her talk show by addressing allegations of a toxic workplace.
First US Space Force deployment to land not so far, far away - Qatar  2020-09-21
With one small step for man, US troops have now gone where many have before - the Middle East.
New York among three 'anarchist' cities named by White House to lose funds  2020-09-21
New York, Seattle and Portland are named by the White House as cities that could lose federal funds.
US offers $5m-reward for Colombian ELN rebel leader  2020-09-21
Wilver Villegas Palomino, a leading ELN member, has been charged with "narcoterrorism" by the US.
WeChat: Judge blocks US attempts to ban downloads of Chinese app  2020-09-20
The ban on the Chinese-owned messaging and payments apps was to come in on Sunday night.
US Supreme Court: The possible nominees to fill vacancy  2020-09-20
Two conservative women are seen as frontrunners for the vacancy created by Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.
Coronavirus economy: The 'banker ladies' saving friends from debt  2020-09-21
Amid a pandemic and economic crisis, minority communities turn to traditional saving methods to help.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg death: Voters on what happens next  2020-09-21
We asked voters from across the US to weigh in on the justice's death and what should happen next.
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