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US election: Biden and Harris call for unity in victory speeches  2020-11-08
The president-elect and his victorious running mate said the message voters sent was clear.
US election: Biden supporters' messages to Trump voters  2020-11-08
Supporters of US President-Elect Joe Biden give their message to people who voted for Donald Trump.
US election 2020: Celebrations in the streets at Biden victory  2020-11-07
How parts of the US responded to Joe Biden's defeat of Donald Trump.
US election: 'Will you accept the results of this election?'  2020-11-08
Trump supporters spoke to the BBC's Jane O'Brien in Washington DC.
US results: 'Look at us, we matter’  2020-11-07
A party has started in Philadelphia as Biden leads the count in Pennsylvania.
US election: Who is Kamala Harris, vice-president-elect?  2020-11-07
The California senator is the first female, first black and first Asian-American US vice-president-elect.
US election 2020: How US networks reported the Biden win  2020-11-07
After days of waiting, US networks reacted to Joe Biden being victor in Pennsylvania and therefore winning the election.
US Election 2020: Moment BBC projects Biden victory on TV  2020-11-07
The BBC projects that Joe Biden has topped the 270 electoral votes needed to defeat Donald Trump.